How to convert a business name to a limited Company in Kenya

How to convert a business name to a limited Company in Kenya




Most Start Ups in Kenya start as a Business Name and then Later on convert the Business Name into a limited Company. The process to convert a Business Name into a Company in Kenya is usually undertaken so that the Business can enjoy the Benefits of a Limited company that include but are not limited to the Following;

  • A Limited Company in Kenya is regarded as an Independent legal Entity, so as a shareholder your liability is limited to the extent of your share Contribution in the company.
  • They outlive the life of the Shareholders in case of death of a shareholder because the shares can be transferred to another entity.
  • A Limited Company has a strong competitive advantage that allows for larger profits.
  • A Limited Company provides a more professional image. In some instances, certain sectors, contractors or agencies will prefer to work with a Limited Company because of the legal protection it provides.

The Procedure to Convert a Business Name into a Limited company in Kenya is as Follows

  • The First step will be to link the business on the ecitizen potal so as to verify information details and Business ownership.
  • The next step will be to cease the Business Name by Filling form BN 6.
  • Upon successful cessation, the business will cease operations, and then you will be free to register a Company as per the requirements for Company Registration in Kenya under the Company’s Act.

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