How to start a movie shop business in Kenya

How to start a movie shop business in Kenya



Movie shop business is a big venture in Kenya and this can be shown by the existence of the shops at every corner in our neighborhoods. They employ thousands of young people across the country. Starting a movie shop business is not hectic and neither is it capital intensive.

What to consider before setting up a movie shop.

  1. Location

The first step of setting up a movie shop will be identifying a suitable location for your business. All businesses need to factor in where they intend to locate their business but for a movie shop, location is particularly important. You need a location that is close to your target market and where the demand is high.

Some suggestions for a good location are

  1. Near a campus/school
  2. Next to a student’s hostel
  3. Town centers
  4. Near bus stations
  5. Shopping centers in your estate

  2. Business Premises

Once you have identified a suitable location, the next step will be renting a shop. Normally a movie shop requires a small space to start unlike other businesses. You need to rent an affordable shop that you can manage paying with ease. Such small spaces will cost you an average of about Kshs 4,000 – Kshs 6,000. But it is noted that clients prefer spacious places they can hang around as they contemplate on what to buy.

3. Business Permits/Licenses

The very basic licenses required to run a movie shop are:

         a. Trade License

This is issued by the the county government. The cost varies from county to county but averages Ksh.10,000

          b. Public Performance License

This is issued by the Music Copyright Society of Kenya if playing music, selling movies or related activities. The amount varies but average Ksh.2,500. MCSK tend to have agents in most county headquarters.

c. Film/Video Regulatory License

This is issued by the Kenya Film Clasification Board (KFCB) and the purpose is to regulate exhibition of films in Cinema theaters. The annual fee is Ksh.10,000.

d. PRISK License

This is issued by Performers Rights Society of Kenya  (PRISK) / Kenya Association of Music Producers (KAMP).The fee averages Ksh.2000

4. Product Pricing

A movie on a cd costs Kshs 50. Loading a movie ona flash disk/ Phone/ SD card costs Kshs 30. You can come up with your own pricing depending with the flow of business in the area

5. Budget

  • A fast PC – 35,000-40,000 shillings
  • A duplicator – Second hand one can go for 35,000 with 5 DVD writers
  • A rim of 50 discs – 400 to 500 shillings
  • A subwoofer – 5,000 – 10,000
  • Fast Internet – from 3,000 depending on the company supplying
  • An LED TV – from as low as 18,000 for a 32 inch one
  • MCSK license – 4,000 shillings
  • Business permit – from 7,000 shillings
  • Movie Posters – From 350 shillings
  • Rent – 4,000-6,000







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