Tender Documentation

Tender Documentation

Get your company listed as a tenderer

Tendering business still remains one of the lucrative businesses in this new year.

Getting your company listed as a tenderer in any of the government institutions is one easy and very involved task considering the strict requirements these institutions wants when it comes to documentation.

At busybiz we have a team of professionals who will help you go through all the procedures of clinching government tenders from registering a company for you to tender documentation and bidding.

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Requirement of Tendering in Kenya

Business registration.
To tender in Kenya a Business must be duly registered as a Business name or a limited liability company. In some instances other organizations like clubs, Associations, NGO’s may qualify to tender.

Tax Registration.
Any organization Prequalification for a tender needs to be a registered Tax payer in Kenya .

County single Business permit.
Subject to the Pre- qualification requirements. To Prequalify for procurement a Business or an organization needs to have a valid Single Business Permit .

Tax Compliance.
All Tender applications need to be accompanied by a valid Tax Compliance Certificate.

Company Profile.
Tender and procurement documents need to have a detailed company profile attached.

Statutory Compliance.
Subject to the nature of procurement and the guiding regulations, Pre-qualification applications need to be accompanied by statutory compliances and registrations.

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